Chamba State

Not to be confused with Champa.
Chamba State
चम्बा रियासत
Princely State of British India
ca 550–1948
Flag Coat of arms
1911 map of the Princely States of the Shimla Hills showing the boundaries of Chamba State.
  Established ca 550
  Accession to the Indian Union 1948
  1892 8,099 km2 (3,127 sq mi)
  1892 115,773 
Density 14.3 /km2  (37 /sq mi)
Today part of Himachal Pradesh, India
Chamba Princely State
early 18th century Chamba princess
Gopal Singh, Raja of Chamba (ruled 1870-1873)

Chamba State[1] was one of the oldest princely states in present-day Republic of India, having been founded during the late 6th century. It was part of the States of the Punjab Hills of the Punjab Province of British India from 1859–1947. Its last ruler signed the accession to the Indian Union of 15 April 1948.


Chamba State is situated in the bosom of the Himalaya Mountains, and its boundaries are on the northwest, west, and northeast Kashmir; on the east, Lahaul; and on the southeast and south, the districts of Kangra and Gurdaspur.

The Ravi River flows through this district, and many hydroelectric generating stations have been developed here.


According to tradition Chamba state was founded around 550 AD. In 900 the capital was moved to Chamba. The rulers of Chamba State patronized artists of the Pahari painting style.[2] Between 1809 and 1846 Chamba was tributary to Jammu. In 1821 Chamba annexed Bhadrawah State. On 9 Mar 1846 Chamba State became a British protectorate.[3]


The rulers of Chamba princely state belonged to the Mushana Rajput Dynasty.[4]


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