Idar State

Idar State
ઇડર રિયાસત
Princely State of British India
ca 1257–1948
Flag Coat of arms
  Established ca 1257
  Indian independence 1948
  1901 4,323 km2 (1,669 sq mi)
  1901 168,557 
Density 39 /km2  (101 /sq mi)
Today part of India
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Idar State [1] or Edar (Gujarati: ઇડર; Hindi: इडर), was a princely state of India during the time of the British Raj. It was the most important state of the Mahi Kantha Agency, within the Gujarat Division of Bombay Presidency.

Idar State had an area of 1669 km², and a population (1901) of 168,557, showing a decrease of 44% in the decade as the result of famine. The estimated gross revenue was £29,000 and the tribute to the gaekwar of Baroda, £2000. In 1901 the raja and his posthumous son both died, and the succession devolved upon Pratap Singh of Idar (q.v.) of Jodhpur.[2]

The line of railway from Ahmedabad through Prantij runs mainly through this state. Much of the territory is held by kinsmen of the raja on feudal tenure. The products are grain, oil-seeds and sugar-cane. The town of Idar is 64 m. N.E. of Ahmedabad. Pop. (1901) 7085. It was formerly the capital, but Ahmednagar (to the east of Himatnagar, pop. 3200) was the capital by the end of the British Raj.

In 1941 Idar had a population of 307,798.[3]


Idar State was founded in the 13th century and was ruled by Rajputs. In 1791, it was split into five states: Idar, Ahmadnagar, Modasa, Bayad and Soor (Sur). In 1821, Modasa was absorbed by Ahmadnagar. In 1826, Bayad absorbed by Idar and Ahmadnagar. In 1843, Idar was reunited.[4]

In 1924 Idar was made part of the Western India States Agency. It was transferred to the Rajputana Agency in the early 1940s. On 10 June 1948 Idar became part of the Indian Union. In 1949 it was dissolved and split between Sabar Kantha district and Mehsana district which were at that point in Bombay State.[3] Both these districts were included in Gujarat when it was formed in 1960.

Rulers of Idar

The rulers of Idar were a branch of the Rathore dynasty and thus of the same lineage as the Ruler of Jodhpur. The first Maharaja was the son of Ajit Singh of Jodhpur.




Post-Independence Maharajas

Rajas of Ahmadnagar

Rajas of Morasa

Rajas of Baad

Rajas of Soor


Genealogical tree of Idar State royal family, as of 1900


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