Ebisuminami, Shibuya

The Statue of Ebisu

Ebisuminami (恵比寿南 Ebisuminami) is a small district of Shibuya, Tokyo, located to the southeast of Ebisu Station. The district is often perceived as a portion of the broad-sense Ebisu area. Ebisuminami borders Ebisu district in the narrow sense on the northwest across Ebisu Station, the mailing address for which is Ebisuminami, rather than Ebisu, Shibuya.

The Statue of Ebisu (えびす像), built in 1975, in front of Ebisu Station's west exit is a landmark of the Ward of Shibuya.[1]

The beverage company Calpis (カルピス) is headquartered in Ebisu Minami 2-chōme.[2]

Ward parks

Parks include:[3]


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