Uchisaiwaichō (内幸町) is a neighborhood in Chiyoda, Tokyo, at the south-east corner of the ward bordering with Chūō and Minato. Its postal code is 100-0011.

Uchisaiwaichō Station on the Toei Mita Line is located in the area.


In the late Edo period, the present-day Uchiwaisaichō area was a part of the Hibiya area with many daimyo's mansions and was located within the outer moat of the Edo Castle. Uchisaiwaichō, literally meaning "Inner Saiwai District," is considered to be named after its location between Saiwaibashi Bridge (幸橋 Saiwaibashi) on the Outer Moat and Saiwai Gate (幸御門 Saiwai-gomon).

After the Meiji Restoration, the term "Uchisaiwaichō" was introduced as a neighborhood in Tokyo.


China Airlines operates the Tokyo office in Uchisaiwaichō.[2]

When Yamato Life existed, its headquarters was in Uchisaiwaichō.[3]


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