Shirokanedai, Minato, Tokyo

Gaien Nishi-dori, popularly known as Platinum Street

Shirokanedai (白金台) is a highly affluent district of Minato, Tokyo. The district today is made up of 5 chome. As of November 1, 2007, the population of Shirokanedai is 10,001. Its postal code is 108-0071.

The former neighborhood of Shirokanedai (Shirokanedaimachi, 白金台町) consisted only of very narrow area along Meguro-dori (Tokyo Prefectural Route 312) and the former imperial estate called Shirokane Goryochi. This article deals with both the former Shirokanedaimachi and today's Shirokanedai.


Located at the southwestern end of Minato, the neighborhood of Shirokanedai lies between Ebisu, Kamiōsaki and Higashigotanda on the west, Takanawa on the east, and Shirokane on the north. Shopping amenities and apartment buildings are densely spread along Meguro-dori, Gaien Nishi-dori and Sakurada-dori; however, most in Shirokanedai are quiet residential areas. Shirokanedai remains abundant in natural green space, for historically Shirokanedai-cho was home to the former imperial estate called Shirokane Goryochi (now the Institute for Nature Study and the Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum are located) and several national institutions such as the former Institute of Public Health and the former Institute of Infectious Diseases (now the Institute of Medical Science, University of Tokyo). Later, Shirokanedai came to be considered as one of the most upmarket residential areas in Tokyo, and women resident there — stereotypically wealthy, idle and fashion-conscious — are jocularly referred to as shiroganeeze (シロガネーゼ), an imitation of Milanese for residents of Milan. The most famous street in this area is Gaien Nishi-dori, popularly known as Platinum Street (プラチナ通り Purachina-dori), a sort of local equivalent of the prestigious Via Montenapoleone in Milan. The restaurants in this street are very popular for wedding ceremonies.


Meiji Gakuin University
Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum, also known as the Former Prince Asaka Residence

Shirokanedai 1-chome

Shirokanedai 2-chome

Shirokanedai 3-chome

Shirokanedai 4-chome

Shirokanedai 5-chome


The Shoei Girls' Junior and Senior High School, a private girls' school, is in Shirokanedai.[1]


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Coordinates: 35°38′16″N 139°43′34″E / 35.6379°N 139.7261°E / 35.6379; 139.7261

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