Akasaka, Minato, Tokyo

Akasaka with Akasaka-mitsuke Station beneath the intersection in the foreground

Akasaka (赤坂 "Red Slope") is a residential and commercial district of Minato, Tokyo, located west of the government center in Nagatachō and north of the Roppongi nightlife district.

Akasaka (including the neighboring area of Aoyama) was a ward of Tokyo City from 1878 to 1947, and maintains a branch office of the Minato City government.

Notable sites

Hikawa Shrine
State Guest House, Akasaka Palace

In neighbouring Moto-Akasaka (lit. "original Akasaka") to the North:

Companies based in Akasaka

TBS in Akasaka

Previously Jaleco Holding had its headquarters in the Akasaka DS Building (赤坂DSビル Akasaka DS Biru) in Akasaka.[20][21]

The Japanese offices of the following are based in Akasaka:

Subway stations

A platform of Akasaka Station



Akasaka's public elementary and junior high schools are operated by the Minato City Board of Education ( in English, [28] in Japanese).

Akasaka High School was operated by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Board of Education. It closed down in March 2009. It reopened the next month as the Aoyama campus of Ōta Sakuradai High School .


The Akasaka Library has moved to a new building in 2007, near the Aoba Park and the Aoyama 1-Chome subway station.[29]


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