Aomi, Tokyo

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Aomi (青海) is an area in Kōtō, Tokyo, Japan. Its subdivisions consist of Aomi 1 and 2 chome. Aomi is part of Tokyo Bay Landfill #13 and Tokyo Rinkai Satellite City Center. Its postal code is 135-0064.

Many important facilities are located in Aomi, such as the Miraikan scientific museum,[1] Oedo-Onsen-Monogatari (Sentō),[2] the Palette Town (including VenusFort shopping mall, the 115-metre (377 ft) Daikanransha Ferris wheel, Zepp Tokyo music hall, Megaweb - the exhibition hall of Toyota),[3] a National Institute of Technology. There is a large seaport facility area of the Port of Tokyo (Aomi dock) and Aomi container terminal.[4] More than a half of the Aomi 2 chome area is dedicated to the port and cargo storage.

The land of whole Aomi area had been reclaimed from the sea after 1946, thus all trees have been planted and there are no large animals except for stray cats. Several kinds of wild birds[5] and fishes can be observed.


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