Nishiōizumimachi, Nerima, Tokyo

Nishiōizumimachi (西大泉町) is an enclave district that belongs to Nerima, Tokyo, Japan, but is surrounded entirely by Saitama Prefecture.

Geography and Demographics

Nishiōizumimachi is surrounded by Katayama 3-chōme, Niiza, Saitama, Japan, approximately 60 meters north of Nishi-Ōizumi 6-chome. As of August 1, 2008, there are 6 households in this district and its population is 13, of which 6 are male and 7 are female.[1] The area contains one small street running through the center; the entire area bears the number 1179, and individual houses are numbered 21, 23, and 25.


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Coordinates: 35°45′48″N 139°34′01″E / 35.76333°N 139.56694°E / 35.76333; 139.56694

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