textile town

Location in Tamil Nadu, India

Coordinates: 11°26′36″N 77°42′41″E / 11.4433333°N 77.7113889°E / 11.4433333; 77.7113889Coordinates: 11°26′36″N 77°42′41″E / 11.4433333°N 77.7113889°E / 11.4433333; 77.7113889
Country  India
State Tamil Nadu
District Namakkal
  Type First Grade Municipality
  Body Nagar Palika
  MLA P. Thangamani (AIADMK)
Population (2011)
  Total 171,594
  Official Tamil
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
PIN 638183/637303
Telephone code 04288
Vehicle registration TN-34
Website www.komarapalayam.com

Komarapalayam is a textile town situated on the bank of the Cauvery river, Bhavani River of South India, in Namakkal District, Tamil Nadu, India. Komarapalayam is also called as 'Kumarapalayam' . Komarapalayam and Bhavani are twin cities separated by the Cauvery river. Komarapalayam is famous for its textile industries.So that, it can also be called as Textile Town.[1] As of 2011, the town had a population of 71,594.

Municipal administration

In 1978 Komarapalayam town was upgraded from the status of town Panchayat to thshows a population of 65868 and an extent of 7.10 km2., as per Survey and Land records. The town is divided into 33 wards.[2]

The Municipal Council, composed of 33 ward councillors, is headed by a chairperson who is elected by voters of the town. The councillors elect a Vice-Chairperson from among themselves. The executive wing is headed by a commissioner and he is assisted by a team of officials including a revenue inspector, sanitary officer, manager, municipal engineer, town planning inspector and other officers.[2]

The annual anticipated income of the town is 24 million and the expenditure is 34 million annually.[2]


Komarapalayam is famous for its textile industries and its related activities. There are many spinning mills, yarn dyeing processing units, manual dyeing units, weaving units, calendering mills, export oriented units, and related ancillary units in and around Komarapalayam.

The state government, in assistance with the central government, is setting up a high-tech park for shuttle-less looms in Komarapalayam called Cauvery High Tech Park.

Komarapalayam lies between 11° 20" and 11° 30" northern latitude and between 77° 40" and 77° 50" eastern longitude. It is located about 405 km (252 mi) from Chennai, about 98 km (61 mi) from Coimbatore, and about 14 km (8.7 mi) from Erode Central Bus Terminus and is on the Eastern bank of river Cauvery.

Komarapalayam town was upgraded as third grade municipality from the status of town Panchayat on 30 March 1978 and subsequently upgraded as Second grade Municipality from 17 April 1984. Now it is functioning as First grade Municipality as per G.O.M.S.No.634, Municipal Administration and Water Supply Department dated 5 July 1990. It has a population of 65,868 (2001 census) and an extent of 7.10 km2 (2.74 sq mi)., as per Survey and Land records. The town is divided into 33 wards.

The Municipal Council composed of 33 ward councillors is headed by Chairperson, who is elected directly by voters of the town. The councillors elect a Vice-Chairperson among them.

Komarapalayam is noted by Kollywood as B Centre city for Tamil films. There were 8 Theatres.At present 7 are running successfully.And it is observed as one of the key center due to its labour population.As on 16.10.2010 presently only 6 theatres are running successfully.


Religious census
Religion Percent(%)
No religion

According to 2011 census, Kumarapalayam had a population of 71,594 with a sex-ratio of 994 females for every 1,000 males, much above the national average of 929.[3] A total of 6,095 were under the age of six, constituting 3,126 males and 2,969 females. Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes accounted for 4.43% and .04% of the population respectively. The average literacy of the town was 72.14%, compared to the national average of 72.99%.[3] The town had a total of 20439 households. There were a total of 37,106 workers, comprising 212 cultivators, 257 main agricultural labourers, 1,767 in house hold industries, 33,774 other workers, 1,096 marginal workers, 19 marginal cultivators, 15 marginal agricultural labourers, 128 marginal workers in household industries and 934 other marginal workers.[4] As per the religious census of 2011, Kumarapalayam had 97.12% Hindus, 1.58% Muslims, 1.22% Christians, 0.0% Sikhs, 0.0% Buddhists, 0.0% Jains, 0.07% following other religions and 0.% following no religion or did not indicate any religious preference.[5]


Traditionally Kumarapalayam was part of the nearby Tiruchengode Legislative Assembly until 2011. In 2011, it was separated from Tiruchengode and formed as a new constituency along with Pallipalayam, a nearby town.[6]

In Lok Sabha Constituency (Parliamentary), it was rallied between Tiruchengode and Erode Parliamentary constituencies while settling for the later in the latest Lok Sabha elections held in 2009.

Climate conditions

Komarapalayam has warm and sunny climate during summer (March to May) with the sun scorching around 35 to 40 °C during day time. In the months September to December the day time would be pleasant with temperature not more than 35 °C while the early mornings are usually cold in these months. Rainfall is not too extreme even during monsoon seasons.


Roadways is the primary means of transport. National Highway 47, a dual carriage highway with services roads, passes near the town. It gives access to Salem and Coimbatore which are 60 and 107 Kilometres respectively. Government and privately owned buses are available to reach Erode, Pallipalayam, Bhavani, Perundurai, Tiruchengode, Namakkal, Sankagiri, Salem, Idaippadi, Mettur, Anthiyur, Tirupur and Coimbatore with more frequencies. There are some long distance buses available to Palani, Chennai and Bangalore but with less frequency. The nearest railway station is Erode junction (20 km) and the nearest airport is Coimbatore airport (98 km).


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