Knobs region

Physiographic map of Kentucky showing the location of the Knobs

The Knobs Region or The Knobs is located in the US state of Kentucky. It is a narrow, arc shaped region consisting of hundreds of isolated hills. The region wraps around the southern part of the Bluegrass region in the north central to northeastern part of the state. The western end of the Knobs region begins near Louisville, Kentucky and continues southeastward through Bullitt, Hardin, Nelson, LaRue, Marion, Taylor, Casey and Lincoln counties before turning northeast and running along the Pottsville Escarpment and the Appalachian Plateau. The Knob arc has a length of 230 miles (370 km).[1]

Many of the hills are conical and up to several hundred feet high. Some have harder capstones that form cliffs as the softer stone underneath has worn away. The hills are monadnocks resulting from the erosion of the margins of the Mississippi Plateau (the Pennyroyal Plateau) to the south and the Cumberland Plateau to the east. The Mississippian Harrodsburg Limestone forms the caprock and the Bordon Formation shales of Devonian to Mississippian age form the slopes.[2][3]


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